Our outdoor classrooms have been designed to facilitate physical development and encourage imaginative play
When my son, who has special needs, arrived at Hampton Cove Preschool six months ago, my hope was that he would be nurtured and kept safe but never realized how low my expectations had gotten based on previous experiences. Not only did they excel at making my child feel loved and cared for, but they opened up his world academically and socially. We expected that he would be delayed going in to kindergarten, but, in six months, they managed to prepare him and support us moving him to kindergarten on time. Any parent that is looking for more than a daycare should visit this school. Our family will be forever grateful for Hampton Cove Preschool. Jennifer B.

Outdoor Classroom

Hampton Cove Preschool understands the importance of incorporating physical activity and motor skill development into the school day and we strive to provide the ideal environment for this to take place. Our outdoor learning environments have been carefully designed to provide children with optimum physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. We have included three distinct developmentally-appropriate outdoor environments:
  • Infants and toddlers
  • Early Preschoolers
  • Preschool 3 and Pre-Kindergarten students

Infant / Toddler Outdoor Classroom

Our Infant / Toddler outdoor classroom is a protected veranda bordered with interactive panels. The children will have a large, open area on which to practice their emerging skills of creeping, crawling, cruising, and, eventually, walking. Their developing visual, auditory, olfactory and tactile acuity will be stimulated with the wide variety of sights, sounds, smells and textures only available outside. Their social and language skills will be developed as the caring teachers talk, sing, laugh and play with the children.

Early Preschool Outdoor Classroom

Our Early Preschool outdoor classroom is a bridge between the protection and security provided for the infants and the wide open exploration provided for older children. While there is another large veranda, it is not enclosed by a barrier. Where the infants were in closer contact with the loving adults, the Toddlers have more room to explore. They are provided with opportunities to climb, slide and swing over a soft rubber surface. A sandbox table and a large, mural art easel have been included in this area. We will provide a wide variety of movable parts to help children continue developing large and small muscle coordination, language, creativity, problem solving, negotiation and a whole host of other emerging skills.

Preschool 3 and Pre-Kindergarten Outdoor Classroom

Our Preschool outdoor classroom is the largest of our three outdoor areas. We know that children of this age need plenty of open space to simply run and use some of their vast store of energy. We also know that children need to climb and challenge themselves, enjoy riding tricycles and use their imaginations in countless ways. We have included a safe, but challenging, complex climbing structure on a soft rubber surface. There is also a meandering tricycle pathway, complete with an arched bridge, playhouse, gas pump and conversation benches. Additionally, a large sandbox and a natural pathway between these three areas has been created. We plan to introduce a myriad of plants, from crape myrtles and other trees to an herb, flower and vegetable garden. On rainy or particularly warm days, children can use our huge covered veranda in a variety of creative ways. On other days, you might find children enjoying lunch or snack there.

Outdoor Learning

We plan to use our outdoor learning environment every day as a fully-integrated and complementary component of our comprehensive approach to helping your young child reach his or her fullest potential.

Indoor Gymnasium

In addition to our outdoor playgrounds / classrooms we are proud to be able to provide an indoor gymnasium for our students as well. This space allows for development of gross motor skills and play in an indoor environment when inclement weather and/or extreme temperatures make the outdoor playgrounds inaccessible. Materials for the indoor gym are chosen based on the ages and developmental levels of the children in each classroom. This area is also where our physical education classes will take place. The indoor gym may also be used to extend classroom activities or provide an opportunity for differentiated instruction of gross motor activities such as music and movement activities. Our indoor gym space has been equipped with sports balls, balance beams, scooters, parachutes, miniature basketball hoops, and a climbing structure to facilitate creative play and to ensure that students have access to a physically stimulating environment every day, regardless of weather. Hampton Cove Preschool understands the importance of incorporating physical activity into the school day and we strive to provide the ideal environment for this to take place. Our after school program students and summer camp children will have access to the indoor gym as well.