After moving here from Virginia, my 15 month old stayed home with me for a few months. We put him in a toddler program at another school when he was 19 months and he cried for the majority of the time he was there. A friend recommended Hampton Cove Preschool and I felt comfortable from the moment we stepped in. My little one adjusted very easily and now he looks forward to going to school. My older son loves the summer camp and the multiple fieldtrips that he gets to take each week. I would recommend Hampton Cove Preschool to anyone without a second thought. I feel like my little one is being cared for by family. Kavitha H.

Storm Shelters

Knowing that the safety and well being of your child is your primary concern, we have constructed the two bathrooms in each and every classroom of 8 inch-thick, steel reinforced concrete complete with 18 gauge metal doors to function as storm shelters in the event of a weather emergency. This allows students to shelter in place, in small groups with their regular classmates and teachers to minimize distress and eliminate the need to move through the building during a weather emergency.

Biometric Fingerprint Scan Access

Access to our campus is controlled by a biometric fingerprint scanning system that restricts access to faculty and authorized parents only. Only those parents and family members that have been entered into our database will have access to the school campus. This ensures our students' safety and eliminates concerns that may arise from a system that simply requires a "punched in code" that can easily be shared.

Closed Circuit Camera System

All classrooms as well as our entryway is equipped with closed circuit cameras that send live feeds to our Principal and Vice-Principal's offices as well as the Office Manager at the reception desk.

Health and Nutrition


Students and faculty are encouraged to wash their hands often. Proper hand washing procedure is covered in all of our classrooms and students and teachers are required to wash their hands after using the restroom, before eating, and after coming in from the playground. These practices, as well as thorough cleaning of each classroom twice each day (after lunch and at the end of the day) help to eliminate the spread of germs.


Hampton Cove Preschool will provide breakfast, an afternoon snack, and nutritious lunches. All lunches meet the USDA guidelines and standards for nutrition and serving size. Fresh fruits and vegetables will be served as often as possible. Any canned fruits or vegetables will be those canned in water without added salt or sugar. Milk will be served with breakfast and lunch, while water will be served with afternoon snack. As whole fruit will be included at least once each day, juice will not be served. Food from home may be substituted in the event that your child has dietary restrictions.

Eating nutritious foods and learning good meal behaviors are important for children experiencing rapid growth and major developmental changes. Meal time can be a time for learning and developing social and small motor skills. Skills such as hand washing, table manners, and carrying on a conversation at the table can be developed and reinforced. Age-appropriate motor skills can be fostered by encouraging children to use utensils and to clear their dishes from the table. Child-sized furniture and hand washing sinks help children feel comfortable and help them learn to be responsible.

Physical Activity

Hampton Cove Preschool understands the importance of incorporating physical activity and motor skill development into the school day and we strive to provide the ideal environment for this to take place. In addition to our three playgrounds and indoor gymnasium, students will take part in music and movement activities in class daily as well as participate in a structured weekly physical education class.