The Admissions process at Hampton Cove Preschool ensures that each family gets the time and attention that they deserve
Hampton Cove Preschool is run very professionally and they always act in the best interest of the kids. The management, staff and teachers are top notch. Adrian S.

Admissions - Application Process

The admissions process for Hampton Cove Preschool is as follows:
  1. Parents interested in enrolling their children in Hampton Cove Preschool are invited to schedule a tour of the school. This can be done in person, over the phone, or via e-mail.
  2. Following the tour, the parents will submit a completed application for enrollment as well as the application fee.
  3. After reviewing the application, Hampton Cove Preschool will contact the family to set up an admissions interview. Families will be notified of the school’s decision within two business days of the interview.
  4. After receiving your acceptance letter, you will need to call the school to confirm your enrollment and schedule your start date. On your start date, you will need to bring all required forms, registration fee, and first week’s tuition.


Every child is allotted 1 week of vacation (no tuition) per year after their first full year of enrollment. This must be scheduled two weeks in advance.